Michael, a native New Yorker, founded ThreeBrook Associates LLC and has been its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since 2008.


For over 35 years, Michael has been a practicing business lawyer and an adviser to varied USA and overseas businesses and entrepreneurs.


Michael possesses law degrees from New York University School of Law and St. John’s University School of Law (Executive Editor of the Law Review). Michael initially worked as a finance attorney at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and then at several highly regarded business law firms (including Hawkins Delafield & Wood; Hall McNicol; and Schnader Harrison) developing expertise in legal, business and financial transactions, with special emphasis on cross-border matters.


Michael also co-founded and co-managed a successful and respected cross-border consulting company that largely focused on the USA and the European investments of a number of Russia and Eastern European-based companies, family offices and individuals.


Most recently, as Chairman of Skate’s LLC (dba Skate’s Art Market Research), Co-Founder and Director of the Art Investment Council, and general counsel of ARTnews Ltd, Michael has become steeped in the global art world and is particularly knowledgeable about art as an asset/investment.


Michael holds the position of Senior Advisor to Charon Capital (Greenwich, CT), a family company / private investment company. He is also Senior Adviser to Futures Education and and Futures HealthCore (Massachusetts).


Michael is licensed to practice as lawyer in New York (USA).