She specializes in broadly defined business law. She provides services to international companies addressing all their business needs on a regular basis, from negotiations, contracts (pharmaceutical, tobacco, food, real estate trading sectors), GDPR, internal audit of IT security management systems, business continuity management systems, legal and financial audits, to providing tax support for Polish and cross-border transactions.


Moreover, she specializes in civil law, public procurement law, real estate law, including construction law, intellectual property law and media law, with special emphasis on personal rights protection.


Ewelina has several years of experience in a wide range of consultancy services and in legislative work on bills and in providing support to entrepreneurs in obtaining and spending funds from EU funds.


On a cognitive basis, Ewelina is focused on security issues, or more precisely, on what is still shyly called the culture of legal security, as well as on promotion of security, shaping the awareness and responsibility in this field. At the same time, she has been developing knowledge in the areas of innovation, quality management and the future of mobile solutions.


She graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. She completed post-graduate law studies in legislation at the University of Warsaw and in project management at the Kozminski University in Warsaw and the Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development.